Your Morning Routine: 5 Steps To Success

What’s your morning routine like? Do you wake up half asleep, groggy and reaching for the snooze button on your alarm clock? Or do you leap out of bed, ready to attack the day!

The key to how positive, energetic, and productive your day is greatly depends on your first 30 minutes out of bed! To better rev up your body and mind for the day ahead, make these 5 things a priority as soon as you open your eyes each morning…

See The Positive – Every day, as soon as I wake up, I visualize how I want my day to be and what I want in my life. I see myself writing the next bestseller, transforming myself in the gym, and enjoying quality free time with my family!

Countless studies have shown how powerful positive imaging can be. If you are able to imagine your success this in turn helps your subconscious mind act upon your goals time and time again without you having to constantly focus on them. It’s essentially the same message as The Secret – the law of attraction at work!

Whatever you want to achieve visualize it and tell yourself that you WILL make it happen! You can only achieve what you believe! Its a process, keep pushing!!

Stretch – Your body has been dormant for hours by the time you wake up in the morning. The best thing you can do is get your blood flowing and your pliability back.

Stretching doesn’t need to be a long process. I like to keep it short and simple. Try the runner’s stretch, the flute stretch, and the shoulder stretch. These three moves will open up your body and help you start your day the right way!

Quick Calisthenics – Working out in the morning has a list of benefits so long that, to paraphrase a great quote I once heard, if there were a pill that provided the benefits of daily exercise, everyone would be on it!Well heres your pill!

Again, this neednt take too much time and you can always keep things fairly simple. I certainly do! Heres a typical morning circuit for me

10 x squats

10 x pushups

10 x bridges

Perform this routine 3-5 times as quickly as possible. And of course, feel free to add or subtract reps and sets depending on your level of fitness and how you’re feeling…

Hydrate – Quick fact, 85% of us at this very moment are moderately to severely dehydrated. Ask yourself, how much water did I drink today? Id be willing to bet that that answer is well under five 8oz glasses.

Know this, being hydrated WILL change your day. Water has so many benefits – from boosting your energy, to waking you up, to filling you up so you eat less across the day. So hit the bottle!

BREAKtheFAST – Have you ever thought about the word breakfast. Mornings are a critically important time of the day because you are literally breaking your fast. Your body cannot grow stronger or more efficient if its starved. Also, if you don’t eat in the morning you won’t have the nutrients you need to fuel your day.

If you’re like me, not a morning person who doesn’t like food too early, then try eating a piece of fruit with a protein shake. Your body will love you both for breaking its starvation and your mind will appreciate the focus and energy it will provide.

BTW sugary treats, cereals and drinks don’t count as breakfast. Sorry. The reality is that these foods will do the exact opposite of what we need – zapping your focus as well as your energy.

Added bonus, eating a healthy, well-balanced breakfast will help you regulate calories throughout the day. Lifes always better when we make it easy on ourselves!

So there you have it! These five tips couldn’t be any easier and if you use them they’ll dramatically change your life!

See in the morning!!!

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