Small Changes = Big Results

Just the other day I received one of the best complements possible from a friend who has been trying to get into shape. My buddy Mike didn’t even say too much, he simply sent a picture of himself with a big smile on his face and said, “since I saw you a few months back I’ve made that one small change you recommended and am down 5 pounds!”

That one small change? Leaving the sugar out of his daily coffee. While we sat in his kitchen one sun filled morning not too far back discussing one of my book’s final edits, I noticed a few of his habits that may have been undermining his efforts. In mid discussion, as he scooped copious amounts of sugar into his coffee, he expressed interest in losing a few pounds but, being a chef of sorts, wanted to continue indulging in some of the more calorie dense foods that brought great joy to his life.

Mike exercised occasionally and didn’t want to drastically change his eating habits, so I casually mentioned that the calories from sugar, although seemingly small in one cup of coffee, may be one of the factors holding him back. Mike shook his head in a knowing type of way but I could see that it didn’t quite register. That’s when I showed him the math from my book, “Stronger, Faster, Smarter – A Guide To Your Most Powerful Body”. Here it is – but with his portion sizes…

 Remember this… 1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories

1 g (gram) of sugar = 4 calories…sugar will turn into fat.

15 g of sugar per day = 105 g per week

105 g per week = 420 g per month

420 g per month = 5,040 g per year

The simple math on this… 5,040 x 4 = 20,160 calories

Small ChangesThat’s 20,160 completely useless calories he was adding to his body every year! Almost 6 pounds of pure fat he’d have to burn off for this one little indulgence alone.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to work off 20,160 calories? Now multiply that by the dressing on your salad, the small snack you had at work, or those extra few bites you had that you didn’t need.

Every day we make these small decisions that will ultimately lead to our success of failure. It’s time to make an evaluation. Know what you can live with, in this case extravagant food, and without, sugar laden coffee and start to see results. The decision is clear. Make those small changes and let the weight disappear. Just like my buddy Mike!

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