Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your workouts for?

Everyone! The workouts you’ll find on the site have been designed to achieve maximize results for everyone – men AND women, regardless of your skill level or previous experience. Each program uses functional moves that – over time – will improve your balance, flexibility, and core strength!

That said, if you’ve never worked out, or haven’t trained in a very long time, I recommend you begin with my Beginner’s Program. These routines emphasize safety and maximum effectiveness which everyone can benefit from. I still often go back and using these moves myself!

Are your workouts designed for both men and women?

Yes! Ten years of studying health, fitness, and the human body have taught me that men and women both have the same fitness goal – to build a functional and aesthetically pleasing body!

All my programs are based around the use of fundamental compound moves that will help you build LEAN BODY MASS (aka more muscle with less fat!) and protect your body against injury and future disease. And for women there’s an added benefit – increased bone density, which studies have shown can be an issue in aging women.

These exercises are the lynchpin of all successful workout programs. They’re what successful fitness models use. I believe in maximizing your time in the gym – after all, who wants to live in a gym!

What are your credentials?

I’m a certified N.A.S.M. trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

What makes you different from other personal trainers?

For me, getting into shape wasn’t so much a choice as it was a necessity. I had to be as fit as humanly possible if I wanted to survive what could have been the remainder of my life in prison.

Out of this need grew a passion for health and fitness that has shaped my entire life. Once I realized the benefits of eating right and working out I was hooked. It was amazing! From then on I began to study EVERYTHING I could on these topics using the one thing I had plenty off – time. These years of endless study have given me an understanding of the human body that other trainers don’t have – and will allow me to help you achieve the body of your dreams!

I’ve never exercised in my life - what should I do first?

Foam rolls, planks, and balance drills!

I believe in prepping the body before progressing to weighted exercises. That’s why I’ve created my Beginners Program!

The most important thing I believe all beginner, intermediate and even advanced trainees can do is work on their balance, flexibility, and core strength.

Do I need to consult a doctor before I start exercising?

Yes, it is always wise to take precautionary measures. We all have different medical histories and should do everything in our power to protect ourselves. Please consult a doctor before beginning any new fitness program.

Do you believe in warm ups / stretching before workouts?

I do! I believe in an active warm up combined with a little static stretching. Pay attention to where your body feels tight and work with a foam roller, perform a few low rep bodyweight moves and end that with a couple of minutes of targeted stretching. That’ll set you up for a great – and safe – workout.

What kind of foods should be central to my diet?

Fruits, vegetables and lean meats like chicken and fish should be at the core of your diet. These foods are pretty much all I eat day in and day out. Eating this way makes your life a lot simpler. I find the closer I stick to this type of plant-based diet, the better I look and feel!

It’s also good to get a few starchy carbs like quinoa, sweet potatoes, and Ezekiel bread. These foods provide a balanced meal and give you ample energy in the form of high quality carbohydrates.

Most of all I don’t believe in extreme dieting and yo-yo weight loss. My diet is a diet for life, for real people who want to train hard but also splurge from time to time (yes I love Dairy Queen!)

Should I count calories?

Yes and no. I believe you should count calories for 1-3 months so you realize what you’re putting into your body. More importantly, this process will help you understand HOW MUCH you’re putting into your body – and help you plan appropriate portion sizes.

At this point I DON’T count calories but I do have a great idea of about how many I’m consuming each day. Plus if you eat the right foods it’s actually difficult to eat too much. I stick to low calorie foods packed with nutrients. What could be better than that!

I want to train with YOU Ryan - do you offer personal consultations?

Yes – I offer TWO ways to train with me!

First – if you join my membership program I’ll be posting my workouts each and every day so you can follow along with my EXACT routines. My plans change all the time and this way you’ll be able to do exactly as I do – and achieve the same results!

Secondly – I also offer personal Skype consultations to help get you get going and to keep you headed in the right direction. These are perfect for anyone looking for accountability or help with their diets, workouts and supplementation. Whatever your question, I’d be more than happy to help!

What can we expect from Ryan Ferguson Fitness in the future?

This site is just the beginning. Watch out for more workout programs, exercise videos, more amazing blog posts, informative guest commentaries and lots, lots more!